How to - Install Python 3.4 and Paramiko in offline Windows environment

This how to is based on Python 3.4, a how to for for newer Python releases will follow. PyCrypt is not maintained anymore and other solution are recommended to use with newer Paramiko releases. An updated version can be found here.

In my last post I described how to use Python and Paramiko to delete a CTL file from a Cisco SIP phone during a migration. In the preparation phase of the migration I was confronted with the challenge to install Python on a Windows server in our management environment without direct Internet access.

To install Python and Paramiko you need the following packages on your Windows machine:

The required installation pacakages for Python,  PyCrypt and Paramiko are easy to find compared to the ecdsa installation package. The versions I found using Google were not compatible with Paramiko. So I used the download link mention during the installation of Paramiko to download the software manually from that link.

The installation is started with the Python installation package to provide the basic requirements for the next packages. After installation of the Python package I started the PyCrypto installation via Windows installer package downloaded.

When the installation of PyCrypto is finished I copied the unzipped ecdsa-0.13 and Paramiko packages to folder <path to python folder>\Lib\site-packages. The installation is started via command line interface so I started the Windows Command Prompt. Important is that you run the Command Prompt with administrator privileges without them it's not possible to install the additional packages. To install Paramiko its first required to finish the installation of ecdsa. Both packages could be installed with the following commands.

<path to python folder>\Lib\site-packages\ecdsa-0.13\ install

<path to python folder>\Lib\site-packages\paramiko\ install
To verify if the installation of Paramiko the included demo scripts can be used. They are located in the demos folder inside the Paramiko folder. I'm using normally the script to connect to a SSH server. Be aware, I'm getting always a error message 

  File "<path to Python Folder>\Lib\site-packages\paramiko-master\demos\in", line 84, in writeall
TypeError: must be str, not bytes

Even with that error it is still a good test to verify the function of Paramiko,

Short version of the installation:

  1. Download the required files
  2. Install Python
  3. Install PyCrypto
  4. Install ecda_0.13 with command install
  5. Install paramiko with command install
  6. test the installation with Paramiko demo scripts in demos folder

In the next time I try to improve that installation process. Like always hints for improvements are very welcome


  1. It has another dependency in pynacl (which in turn has its own dependency) module as well


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