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How to - Install Python and Paramiko in offline Windows environment (Optimized Method)

After using more and more Paramiko and Python for automation of endpoint testing and changed requirements for the the usage of Paramiko in newer versions my old how-to  becomes outdated. With the newest release of Python, Python 3.6 , I started to optimize the installation process to reduce complexity and make the installation process more simple. Instead of downloading manually all required files from the different homepages I use Python included functions for this work.  Step by Step overview: 1. Creation of reference system For preparation of the required files and for verification I'm using normally a test system i setup in VMware Fusion on my MacBook. For the Microsoft operating system I use the trial version from Microsoft Technet Evaluation Center for 180 days testing. After the system is finally setup based on my requirements I create a snapshot to have a valid reference point for my installation. 2. Installation of Python in reference system and downloadin