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My first Cisco Spark project - Phase 1: Ups and Downs and the PaaS Challenge

After working approximately some time on my private Cisco Spark App, which combines the Cisco Openvuln API with the Cisco Spark API, I had several ups and downs during working on the code. During the first days I focused on Openvuln API and to understand OAuth. The first versions of the program is running on my laptop and was just for verification of the functions of the Openvuln API and to get my first experiences with OAuth. I used the Client Credential Grant of OAuth for the first programs, but the final goal is to create a web application using the Authorisation Code Grant. The topic web application was also part of one of the downs I experienced. Ups: - I get the Client Grant based OAuth authentication working to send requests to the Cisco Openvuln API. Based on the fact that I had no experience with OAuth and not much experience with programming, that was a real highlight for me after I get that running - I get the get the Cisco Spark API training labs running and g