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My first Cisco Spark project - The idea: Integration of OpenVuln API into Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark and its new released set of APIs  was one of the main topics during the Cisco Collaboration Summit 2015 . The easiness of usage was a highlighted point during the presentations and piqued my natural curiosity. I'm a Cisco Spark fan since more than one year and I really like the idea to merge innovative Cloud based apps and on-prem equipment to provide new services. Besides the different Cisco Spark APIs, Cisco released also the OpenVuln API , which provides API based access to Cisco Security advisories. One my responsibitilies at work is the evaluation of impact of new security advisories for Telepresence solutions, working with security advisories is part of my regular work. So I was very interested in evaluating how the OpenVuln API could make my daily life easier. During the days before Christmas I got the time to meet old friends and we talked about the good old time during school with IRC chat rooms, bots and other tools we used in the past. After some b

Cisco Customer Connection Program - Why being active brings value to your organisation

Normally the holiday season becomes the time for looking back and to recap the ups and downs of the last year. One of my personal largest highlights last year was the Cisco Customer Connection Program. The Customer Connection Program or formerly Collaboration User Group is part of the Cisco Communities and is open for everybody. If you are Cisco employee, partner or customer, it does not matter you, you can just join the community. For me the Customer Connection Programm brings five large benefits to their members: - Briefings There are regular briefings and many topics are presented before they are officially announced,  sometimes even before the partners are getting these informations. And also the kind of the briefings are making them special for me. Everybody knows the normal Cisco webinars. Normally you come to the session, the presenter go through his slides and the only change for asking question is the Q&A function of WebEx.  The briefings in Customer

How to - Install Python 3.4 and Paramiko in offline Windows environment

This how to is based on Python 3.4, a how to for for newer Python releases will follow. PyCrypt is not maintained anymore and other solution are recommended to use with newer Paramiko releases. An updated version can be found here . In my last post I described how to use Python and Paramiko to delete a CTL file from a Cisco SIP phone during a migration. In the preparation phase of the migration I was confronted with the challenge to install Python on a Windows server in our management environment without direct Internet access. To install Python and Paramiko you need the following packages on your Windows machine: Python installation package  3.4.3 PyCrypt installation package  2.61 Paramiko installation package   ecdsa installation package  0.13 The required installation pacakages for Python,  PyCrypt and Paramiko are easy to find compared to the ecdsa installation package. The versions I found using Google were not compatible with Paramiko. So I used the download l